Our Architecture Company Team

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Our Team Serving New Haven, Westport, CT & Beyond

Each project that the knowledgeable team at David D Harlan Architects LLC takes on is never taken for granted. We work diligently with you to ensure your needs and desires are met. When we assemble a team for a project, it is specific and calculated. Project Teams are assembled due to your project’s location, the type of project, and the size of the project. The vast knowledge that our communities have can help a project immensely. When contractors and clients work together from a specific area, materials and businesses can be utilized to help the project with the knowledge they have of the area.

How We Assemble A Project Team

We assemble a Project Team for each home project. We work closely with local and regional consultants, contractors, and specialty craftspeople in millwork, cabinet and furniture making and metalwork and preservation services. Relationships create a more orderly and practiced process, from investigative condition analysis through creative design and technical solutions towards an efficient construction process.

If you need an architecture company that you can rely on, don’t hesitate to contact David D Hanlan Architects LLC today. We will assemble the right team for your project and work diligently to create the architect design of your dreams.